About Us

Kamersearch is a Google custom search engine. Meaning it generates the same search results as Google using the Google Custom Search API.

Beside being a search engine, Kamer search serves as a new aggregator. We can decide to display contents from top news site as a feed here to keepyou informed of some cool stuff taking place around you.

Web search

Kamersearch crawls all the websites from the end of the globe just like with the Gooogle search. Since our search engine is a Google Custom search, you will get the same web search results as with Google

Video search

The video search option will only display search results of videos matching your search qurey. The video results will be from popular websites like YouTube, Vimeon Dailymotion, etc.

Torrent search

Search torrent like films and gams and download them for free. Kamer search makes it easier for you to search torrent files frim 23 popular torrent sites.

More search options

You can also search book, PDF free books and many other stuff with our search engine.